The Message


Bency Bazeli

I don’t work, because I love what I do.

At the age of eighteen, I started learn the art of and craftsmanship of jewelry design and making at a privately owned jewelry factory. Through the experience I gained working there I used my talent and expertise, along with strong help from my wife and father to open my own company. I set my self several goals while doing this, and one of the top ones was to create a good and trustworthy name.

I put my own touch into everything I do. Jewelry is like art, there are so many different details involved. Which makes every piece an unique creation.
I put all of what I have into every piece of work I create, with the customer satisfaction being my top priority which gives me further satisfaction. When my job is complete I look for my clients to respond with happy and satisfied feelings, ‘beautiful’, ‘amazing’, receiving satisfying compliments verifies my job a success. I also draw my inspiration from a successful completed work and a very happy client.