Bazeli Diamonds is one of the most rapidly growing and respected distributors of diamonds on the “block”. For decades we have provided our customers and clients with high quality, wholesale diamond products for every need and occasion, maintaining a high standard of craftsmanship as well as professional and ethical business practices. We run our family business according to our principles of mutual respect, quality and dedicated service. Our meticulous attention to quality promises that every diamond that we deliver stands on our reputation, integrity and experience. Every diamond product we offer has been hand-selected by our Master Jeweler, who has over 2 decades of experience and education. This expertise, along with great passion and ingenuity, allows him to pick the finest diamond and gold jewelry for every special and meaningful occasion of our clients.

Through our international affiliates at factories and offices, we maintain close relationships with our clients offering diamonds in every shape, size and color from ten points to extreme sizes, both as individual stones and in bulk. Dealing with these leading manufacturers and retailers all over the globe, requires strong long-term worldwide relationships throughout the diamond industry. We pride out selves for servicing and treating each client with individual dedication to the highest quality of service whether they are searching for a single stone or diverse stock for an entire chain of stores. So when we say clients, we really mean to say friends, because providing a positive, helpful, and informative experience for them is of utmost importance. We are available to attend to all of your inquiries in house, as well as travelling the globe to personally consult with clients around the world.

The prestige and professionalism that our friends/clients have come to expect shall be maintained for countless more generations as through the brilliant efforts of our diamond dealer, who is being groomed to uphold the same essential qualities of a successful Wholesale Diamond business and meet the needs and demands of all our clientele.

BD promises and delivers results by a combination of nimble, modern technology, availability of information, and worldwide access to communication at the speed of light with the knowledge developed through centuries of diamond trading.